Words Have Power

Monday, October 2, 2017

Creating this new blog made me excited for many reasons. Before, I would blog about pretty much the same thing everyone else was. This time around I fully intend to be 100% me in my blog content and the words I type. 

I wanted to share this post first because of the sign we managed to capture in the background. 
"Words Have Power"

There is so much going on in the world and the most important thing that we have is our voice. I think it's extremely important to stand up for what you believe in because if you don't then you'll fade into the background. 

I don't intend to share political views on this blog or anything like that...but I just want everyone to know that I love and respect everyone's choices. I may not understand something but that doesn't mean it doesn't work for you. 

Being a blogger means being vulnerable to hate, critics and much more. I have never let words tear me down but that doesn't mean they won't hurt others. Words DO have power... make sure you don't spew them out in hate. 

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