Current Beauty Faves

Monday, January 29, 2018

So I've been wanting to share more personal stuff with you guys so I decided to give you a peak at my current beauty faves. Please keep in mind... I am in NO way sponsored by any brand. I share things that I've tried or am currently using solely to help you all find things you might like. I'm all for girls supporting girls and want this blog to become a safe haven for all my lady friends! 

With that being said.. let's get started. 

The first thing I wanted to share was my favorite face wash of all time. Literally, I've been using this stuff for years now and have nothing but good things to say. Of course, everyones skin is different but they make several different products that work for different things. A little background on my skin... I would say it's combination but mostly DRY! I switch between the three different types and never have an issue. The oatmeal scrub is CLUTCH during this time of year. 

Along with washing my face on a regular basis, I try to make sure to keep it moisturized to avoid the ugly dry chaffing. I've tried several different moisturizes and most either: a) break my face out or     b) dry my skin out even more. I found a very lightweight, super moisturizing cream at Sam's Club a couple years ago. It doesn't leave any oily residue behind and keeps my skin hydrated all day. On top of moisturizing, I always use a makeup remover wipe around my eyes and face at night. Here lately, I've been trying this new little technique to try to help with some redness I've had going on for years. I bought a micro needler from TJMaxx and I'm still uncertain on the proper way to use it. If you use one.. please give a girl some advice! 

What girl doesn't hate washing her hair?! I dread it EVERY SINGLE TIME. When dry shampoo became popular I tried so many different kinds that I was sure I'd never find one I liked. The Dove dry shampoo not only smells fantastic but it's super refreshing for your hair! Most dry shampoos tend to SEEM like they're going to work but within a couple hours your hair is already back to that oily state. The Dove dry shampoo also adds some texture to your hair so it's not just a cleanser but it gives you a little 'oomph'. 

To wrap it up, I wanted to share a few of my everyday makeup essentials. I'm not a HUGE makeup guru and half the time I don't even bother putting any on. However, I do have a few staple pieces that I use every time I get dolled up. The Too Faced palettes were a gift from my precious Mama for Christmas. I rotate between the three for different reasons but for the most part I use the 'Super Fun Night' and 'Natural Beauty'. I also recently found an awesome foundation that has great coverage and doesn't break the bank. This Covergirl foundation is seriously so wonderful for dry skin. 

Snow Day Vibes

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

As we get older we sometimes forget the magic behind simple things like.. snow days. I used to LOVE seeing snow fall and being out of school. Today was a little different for me. I had to go into work this morning while it was coming down because work had yet to close. While I was there, from 8am-1pm, I had every rude customer you could think of. Not only was I frustrated from having to drive to work... I also wasn't feeling the best due to an awful migraine I had. 

I sat there at my desk wondering WHY do people want to grow up so badly?! Being an adult is fun and games unless it's a snow day and you're stuck at work. Moral of the story... please don't rush your life. Slow down and enjoy the snow days. 

Although my work wasn't closed for the full day, I only had to work a partial day so I was still able to fully enjoy the snow and cuddles with my puggo. I recently started reading a new book and thought I would share with you guys :) I am very much into Teen Fiction...I know, I know... I am not a teen anymore. Anything that revolves around vampires, witches and girl drama... I'm reading it. 

Quick funny story behind this new book I've been reading... Nick actually got my one of the books to the trilogy for Christmas. Unfortunately he bought me the third book to the trilogy instead of the first one lol. I am glad he picked it out thought because so far, it's been perfect. 

I have high hopes for an actual snow day tomorrow since we're suffering with super low temps tonight. However, like I've already said, being an adult isn't always fun so we shall see what happens. 

Jambalaya In 15 Minutes!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Who doesn't love a quick, fast and yummy recipe that they can just throw together on a busy weeknight?! Not only is this recipe fast but it's super cheap and healthy. 

I'm trying to be more diligent in the kitchen this year because truth be told... we spend WAY too much money on fast food. I've searched high and low on Pinterest trying to round up different recipes that we would all like in my house.

One of my favorite recipes so far has been this mild jambalaya. Not only does it only take 4 ingredients, you can cook it within 15 minutes. If that doesn't scream E A S Y than I don't know what will. I have actually been making this recipe close to a year but wanted to share because it is just so convenient to have in your recipe box. 


1- Polska Kielbasa
1 can of Rotel (I used Walmart brand)
1 can of light red kidney beans (again, used Walmart)
Creole Seasoning for extra flavor

Lightly brown the kielbasa in a skillet. Prepare your rice. I normally use 2 cups of rice for this dish but if you're feeding more you may want to add some extra rice and maybe 1 more kielbasa. After the rice is done I add the Rotel, rice and kidney beans to the kielbasa. Sprinkle some creole seasoning around and you're all done! 

If you try this, please send me pics and tell me how awesome you think it is! 

Just a reminder... I use my personal Instagram for my blog. I don't want to seem "staged" or "posed" in anything that I ever share. So if you want to follow, make sure you click on the social media icons on the top of my page!  

Growing In 2018

Hey guys! It's been a minute since I've sit down to share some thoughts so I thought what better way to catch up with you all than to share some of my personal goals for this year. I also wanted to do a small recap of the past couple months. 

Let's start with the recap. From October- December my life was kind of a blur. October was such a busy month for me since my sister got married! Not only was I busy helping her plan her wedding but we also had some unnecessary drama that happened surrounding the wedding. Not only was I dealing with the wedding drama but I had a falling out with a new friend that I had made at work. It truly hurt my feelings the way things happened because I don't open up to people often and I really just let my guard down. But moving past all the drama... I entered November with the mindset that I was just going to keep my personal life very low-key and enjoy the rest of the year. 

December rolled around and I was feeling extremely defeated. I struggled all year to accept who I was as a woman, sister, daughter and wife. I just felt like a constant failure to all the people around me. I battled depression really hard at the end of the year. I was really dreading this new year for a lot of reasons. One... I was worried that this negative attitude was going to carry over to the new year and just start me out on the wrong note. Two... Nick got a promotion at work so our schedules were seriously about to change. It's so hard to be on opposite shifts, working completely opposite days than your spouse. 

Despite all my fears and doubts.. I ended the year on a positive note, surrounded by my closest family and friends. I vowed that my New Years resolution would include a LOT of personal growth. 

So in 2018 I plan to get my mind and body healthy. Not just for me.. but for my Husband and my family. The goal is to remain positive even when life seems to be throwing you all the curve balls. I hope that I can continue to remind myself each day that tomorrow is a new day with new possibilities. I've never been the one to "go with the flow" but we shall see how this goes. 

My goals for my blog are simple. I want to create more content, share more personal stories and be more active on social media. I know that life doesn't or shouldn't revolve around social media but sometimes your story can really change someone's mood for the day. You truly never know who you are reaching out to when you decide to be vulnerable. 

For all my loyal followers already, be patient with me. I'm very fragile and still growing. For all my new peeps... you will not be disappointed by following me along this wonderful journey called life. 

I love you all! Thanks for continuing your support.
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