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Monday, January 29, 2018

So I've been wanting to share more personal stuff with you guys so I decided to give you a peak at my current beauty faves. Please keep in mind... I am in NO way sponsored by any brand. I share things that I've tried or am currently using solely to help you all find things you might like. I'm all for girls supporting girls and want this blog to become a safe haven for all my lady friends! 

With that being said.. let's get started. 

The first thing I wanted to share was my favorite face wash of all time. Literally, I've been using this stuff for years now and have nothing but good things to say. Of course, everyones skin is different but they make several different products that work for different things. A little background on my skin... I would say it's combination but mostly DRY! I switch between the three different types and never have an issue. The oatmeal scrub is CLUTCH during this time of year. 

Along with washing my face on a regular basis, I try to make sure to keep it moisturized to avoid the ugly dry chaffing. I've tried several different moisturizes and most either: a) break my face out or     b) dry my skin out even more. I found a very lightweight, super moisturizing cream at Sam's Club a couple years ago. It doesn't leave any oily residue behind and keeps my skin hydrated all day. On top of moisturizing, I always use a makeup remover wipe around my eyes and face at night. Here lately, I've been trying this new little technique to try to help with some redness I've had going on for years. I bought a micro needler from TJMaxx and I'm still uncertain on the proper way to use it. If you use one.. please give a girl some advice! 

What girl doesn't hate washing her hair?! I dread it EVERY SINGLE TIME. When dry shampoo became popular I tried so many different kinds that I was sure I'd never find one I liked. The Dove dry shampoo not only smells fantastic but it's super refreshing for your hair! Most dry shampoos tend to SEEM like they're going to work but within a couple hours your hair is already back to that oily state. The Dove dry shampoo also adds some texture to your hair so it's not just a cleanser but it gives you a little 'oomph'. 

To wrap it up, I wanted to share a few of my everyday makeup essentials. I'm not a HUGE makeup guru and half the time I don't even bother putting any on. However, I do have a few staple pieces that I use every time I get dolled up. The Too Faced palettes were a gift from my precious Mama for Christmas. I rotate between the three for different reasons but for the most part I use the 'Super Fun Night' and 'Natural Beauty'. I also recently found an awesome foundation that has great coverage and doesn't break the bank. This Covergirl foundation is seriously so wonderful for dry skin. 

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