Snow Day Vibes

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

As we get older we sometimes forget the magic behind simple things like.. snow days. I used to LOVE seeing snow fall and being out of school. Today was a little different for me. I had to go into work this morning while it was coming down because work had yet to close. While I was there, from 8am-1pm, I had every rude customer you could think of. Not only was I frustrated from having to drive to work... I also wasn't feeling the best due to an awful migraine I had. 

I sat there at my desk wondering WHY do people want to grow up so badly?! Being an adult is fun and games unless it's a snow day and you're stuck at work. Moral of the story... please don't rush your life. Slow down and enjoy the snow days. 

Although my work wasn't closed for the full day, I only had to work a partial day so I was still able to fully enjoy the snow and cuddles with my puggo. I recently started reading a new book and thought I would share with you guys :) I am very much into Teen Fiction...I know, I know... I am not a teen anymore. Anything that revolves around vampires, witches and girl drama... I'm reading it. 

Quick funny story behind this new book I've been reading... Nick actually got my one of the books to the trilogy for Christmas. Unfortunately he bought me the third book to the trilogy instead of the first one lol. I am glad he picked it out thought because so far, it's been perfect. 

I have high hopes for an actual snow day tomorrow since we're suffering with super low temps tonight. However, like I've already said, being an adult isn't always fun so we shall see what happens. 

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