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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Let Love Grow

Whether you're newly married, just started dating or have been married several years.. it is extremely important to let your love grow. If your love never flourishes then it will never make it. Just like plants. If you don't take all the necessary steps to ensure the growth of something new then it will die before you have time to rejuvenate it.

Being someone who has been married several years, I've went through several periods of time where I wondered if I could keep this thing alive and going. Marriage is hard work. It is even harder when you meet your spouse at such a young age. You're faced with obstacles that you may never have to deal with if you are someone who met your spouse later in life. 

Nick and I have grown in love and deepened our roots in marriage more so now than ever before. I will say that the one great thing about meeting your spouse so young is the fun memories you make along the way. And the hard thing about being married so young is the fact that you're still developing into the human you will eventually become. Every good thing must go through the awkward growing phase.

In the beginning it's good to develop an understanding of who your significant other is as a person. Ask questions...lots of questions. The small details are what really makes a difference in any relationship. I can tell you the most random things about Nick because I've paid close attention to the little things he does.

Truly being able to understand your spouse or partner will only better your relationship.

My hope for everyone that is either struggling in their current relationship or thinking about starting something new... is that you let your love have the room and time to grow. Quitting is never an option. If you love this individual then take a risk. Finding someone that is true and genuine for you is very rare in this time of life. Cherish every little detail!

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