No7 Skincare Review

Friday, March 23, 2018

So lately I've been thinking about my skincare routine because I'm starting to get older and haven't really nailed down a routine yet. I've tried a lot of different products but haven't really loved one certain thing. A few weeks ago I bought a few No7 products from Walgreens and so far I'm in love. Even Nick has been using the under eye serum and really likes it.

It's so difficult for me to spend money on face products because they usually come in such a small bottle that I just can't justify the money. I've never really been drawn to high end makeup or skincare products just because they're so temporary. This No7 skincare line has really surprised me. Although it's classified as a "drugstore" line.. I am highly impressed with the quality.

I've been using a few products for a couple weeks now and can already tell a major difference in my overall skin. I tend to be very red and splotchy. I also have extremely dry skin. And if it couldn't get any worse.... DRY skin. I've tried multiple face masks and lotions.. nothing helps. This brand has really surprised me. Everything is linked below with a description of what products I currently use + some I am wanting to try. 

I decided to buy the wrinkle filler to help with my large pores. I needed something to help cover them under makeup. This is the only product that I'm not sure I would rebuy.
No7 Wrinkle Filler (far right)

This is my FAVORITE new product. I have such red, splotchy skin and this serum has really helped even out my skin already. I use it right after I wash my face.
No7 Glow Activating Serum (third one from the left)

This is the product that Nick is even loving right now. It's very lightweight and helps give your eyes the appearance that you got a really good night's rest.
No7 Hydrating Eye Cream (bottom right)

 With me having such dry skin I have always wanted to try a mineral or hydrating spray. I use this right after I put my makeup on and even spray it periodically throughout the day. I would definitely recommend this if you're wanting something to help refresh your skin throughout the day.
No7 Hydrating Water Spray (second from the left)

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