St. Patrick's Day + Fun Facts

Saturday, March 17, 2018

I am such a lover of holiday's and all the fun activities that come along with them. A friend at work once told me... "You just love every holiday, don't you?" Well... yeah, I kind of do. I like partaking in the festivities cause it's a lot of fun. St. Patrick's Day is a little extra special this year because we actually learned recently my Mom and Dad's DNA results. 

On Dad's side... we are 100% British and Irish. On Mom's side... our percentages may not be 100% but we are 40% Irish, Scottish and Welsh. So as you can see, Irish runs deep in my roots. 

This year I am thankful to spend the day off with my family celebrating at one of our local pubs. I plan to do a full review on this local business so stay tuned for that. Today though I wanted to share a few fun facts about this magical day. 

- We should really be wearing blue. Saint Patrick himself would have to deal with pinching on his feast day! The color green only became associated with the big day after it was linked to the Irish independence movement in the late 18th century. 

- Saint Patrick was BRITISH! Although he made his mark by introducing Christianity to Ireland in the year 432, Patrick wasn't Irish himself. He was born to Roman parents in Scotland or Wales in the late fourth century. 

- It used to be a DRY holiday. Can you even imagine St. Patrick's Day without a good beer??! For most of the 20th century, Saint Patrick's Day was considered a strictly religious holiday in Ireland, which meant that the nation's pubs were closed for business! In 1970, the day was converted to a national holiday and beer resumed to flow! 

- There's a reason for the Shamrocks. According to Irish legend, the Saint used the three-leafed plant as a metaphor for the Holy Trinity when he was first introducing Christianity to Ireland. 

I love sharing facts as well as learning new ones. Knowledge is power. 

What are you plans this Saint Patrick's Day? Share photos or comments :) 

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