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Friday, April 20, 2018

Happy FriYAY everyone! I've been a little absent on here and I'm so sorry for that. I feel like the past couple of weeks has just been a huge blur. April is not my favorite month because allergies are stirring around and then there's always so much going on. Spring usually brings lots of changes and I've been struggling to keep up. 

I'm taking this beautiful day to kind of recharge and get my life (somewhat) together. Nick has already mowed the yard and I've already popped about 5 different pills to eliminate allergies and this terrible sinus headache I am carrying around. I am planning to make a nursery run today for some new plant babies so keep up with me on Instagram. 

While I am talking about social media... I find myself very absent on Snapchat unless someone personally sends me a snap. I really wish that Snapchat was more like Instagram stories but oh well. I am constantly oversharing on Insta Stories so make sure to follow me on there. 

I wanted to share my laid back, comfy outfit today because everyone needs this top in their life. I am all about comfort clothing and especially when it's on sale or I can snag it for a good deal. I've found myself drawn to Old Navy a lot here lately. I found a few really cute Spring items on sale a couple weeks ago and then found this athletic top last week. I do have a link for you guys but online this top is still full price. I found mine in the clearance section for $10.00. So essentially I saved 50% by finding this in the store. I loved it so much that I bought 2 colors. It's very lightweight and is perfect for those Spring days where the sun is HOT but the wind is a little chilly. 

This top is truly perfect for running errands or cleaning around the house. 

Friday's are for comfy clothes and no makeup. I am truly living my best life... minus the allergies. 

I absolutely LOVE this top. I am wearing the black one today but I also bought this "night cruise" color also. It's truly the comfiest, lightweight long sleeve top. 

I am kind of obsessed with this tank. I love the colors that are offered. Pictured above is the "Sea Something". I also really like the "Winter Plum" version too. 

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