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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Spicing Things Up

I am doing something a little different than I have EVER done before. I've never been the one to kiss and tell but hey.. we're all adults here, right?? 

Intimacy is a very important part of any marriage or relationship. Intimacy can come in many forms... not just in the bedroom. I thought it'd be nice to open up about this topic because it's such a hush, hush thing that most people feel uncomfortable talking about. However, I feel like being open about such a beautiful part of life should not feel so taboo to discuss openly. 

First things first... intimacy comes in many ways and forms. As I said earlier, it doesn't always refer to things happening behind closed doors. Intimacy takes on many roles in your everyday life that you probably don't even recognize. For example, sending a spicy text during the day can really show your partner that you're thinking of them. I wanted to share a few of the ways that Nick and I express intimacy in our marriage so that maybe you can take these ideas and apply them or tweak them to fit your life. 

Random Messages 

I am the queen of random text messages. I think it's nice to send your spouse little reminders during the day that you care. Sometimes I like to spice things up a notch by maybe sending a little risky photo... oh geez I am blushing... or maybe a little risky text about your plans for later. Showing that you care enough to go out of your way to send a text during your day can show your spouse how much you value your time with them. 

Setting The Mood

We allllll know what I mean by this but just in case you were wondering.... turning on your spouses favorite Pandora station or maybe lighting a few candles can really turn up the heat in your relationship. Husband's, this next part is for you.... Drawing a bath and adding some flowers or candles is probably what every girl dreams to come home to. Little touches really go a long way. I pay attention to detail more than anything. I certainly appreciate when Nick goes out of his way to do little things that I love. 

Dressing The Part

I am going to share a few links below to different date night dresses I've been eyeing + a few lingerie pieces. Dressing up and having a nice date night can really make you feel special. Personally, I enjoy seeing my Hubby all snazzy. For those of us who enjoy going that extra mile behind closed doors... lingerie can be such a nice touch to make you feel sexy. I know that for me, after working all day.. cooking.. picking up around the house & just doing other mundane life tasks.. I don't always feel like putting that much effort into myself. Trust me when I say this though... take a shower, shave your legs & throw some nice lingerie on. 

Every relationship and marriage is different and like they say...different strokes for different folks. I enjoy finding new ways to do things in my life though because doing the same thing over and over again can really become boring. When you've been married for several years it is NECESSARY to spice things up occasionally. 

Here are a few things I've found recently on a couple different websites that I am currently living for. I've also added a few Plus Size pieces to this because everyone should feel beautiful in their skin!


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