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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Setting Goals & Crushing Them

So here lately Nick and I have been trying to get into better eating/working out habits. We are slowly getting into a good routine and I'm very pumped to see where we end up. Nick is very much a motivator for me. He continues to push me even when I think I can't do something. Although he has gotten me to push past my boundaries a little, sometimes I get really frustrated that I can't do as much as he thinks I can. Having my Husband push me to crush new goals and keep working towards a better me is seriously the best feeling. You get out what you put in.. that's what my Granny would say sometimes. 

Tonight's post is a little different because we're starting this new journey and I kind of want to take you all along. It's always fun to reflect back on changes over a period of time. Countless times before we have started on this fitness journey and somehow managed to fall off the wagon. This time is going to be different and I am 100% determined to become the best me. 

I'm focused on my health for many reasons. 

- I want to look good. 

- More importantly I want to feel good. 

- I want my Husband to feel proud of his wife. I've started projects and quit them so many times before they were finished. This new health journey is very important to both of us. It's extremely important that I make MYSELF and Nick proud. 

- Getting into better shape will help reduce some health issues I've struggled with. 

I could honestly keep going but I won't bore you anymore. The whole point of this post is to share that with the support of your spouse/partner, you can literally accomplish anything. We can certainly be self-motivators but when you have the most important person in your life cheering you on that really makes all the difference. Stay tuned for more fitness posts that will be coming shortly. 

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