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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Nick and I have been searching high and low for several months to add a new little addition to our family. We knew that we wanted another Pug but really wanted a black male pug. I was starting to get really frustrated because the only ones I kept finding were either scams or way overpriced. 

After feeling pretty defeated I got on our Local Sales page ONE last time in an attempt to find our newest baby. I just so happened to come across 1 black male pug available only a short ride up the road from us. I immediately sent a message to make sure he was still available. After a quick visit with him, we fell in love. Two weeks later we came back to pick up our newest little love. 

Meet, Mortimer Dracula Trusty. 

He might only be 3.3lbs but he has the spunk of a 20lb dog. He tried to pick fights with his big brother and LOVES nibbling on everything. Originally he was supposed to have no middle name and only be Mortimer Trusty. After playing with him for a few days and seeing his little personality I really thought he needed something more. I can't exactly describe WHY I wanted Dracula but when I see him I can definitely see a lil vampire. 

I am forever thankful that we found him from such good breeders. He has truly complete our family <3  Big bro isn't too sure about him because that's only because Morty keeps thinking Frank's tail is a cinnamon roll hahaha. 

Get ready to see LOTS of baby puggo photos and videos alllll across my social media. Sorry not sorry! 

^^^ he looks just like a lil vampire here!! 

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