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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Every Friday Nick and I are normally off together so we try to get out and explore our small town just a little bit. We love trying little hole in the wall places and finding hidden treasures. I wanted to share a few places that has my heart here in Cookeville, TN. We may not have much but supporting your local businesses will only allow more growth to come into our lil town. 

Most recently... 


Nick visited Broast to try out some fresh ground coffee in our French Press that has yet to be used. I wasn't sure what to expect as far as flavor and consistency but I have to say... I wish I had time every morning for French Press coffee. If you haven't heard of Broast, it is a local coffee roasting company who roasts all their coffees right here in town. Their coffees are fair trade certified & organic. We have chosen 2 different kinds and so far we're pretty obsessed. 

Back Room Bistro 

This is the best place to get a quick, healthy brunch in Cookeville. I was super happy with my service as well as my food. We all got the omelettes with only slight variations. Nick did the self serve tea and had so may options to chose from to infuse it. I will definitely go back here sometime. Maybe a girls day??

Father Tom's Pub

We've been to Father Tom's SEVERAL times at all times of the year. We absolutely love going here! The vibe is so chill and laid back it's a really great place to wind down after a long day or to escape the summer heat for a quick drink. I would highly recommend trying to this wonderful little restaurant at least once. My favorite thing to order is The Moose burger w/sweet potato fries.. DO IT! 

Southern Rock Bouncin BBQ

Who doesn't love some good bbq while being from The South?! This yummy place is right up the road from us and is super affordable for the portions that you're served. I was very pleased with my pulled chicken. Meanwhile, nick ordered the Loaded Tater.. pretty sure it was the size of a small child. I would highly recommend giving this place a shot. 

Below I've linked all the place mentioned above. I love sharing local places and supporting all of our local friends. If you're in the Cookeville area I'd love to know a few places that you'd recommend trying. I am a huge fan of places that aren't super well known. Thanks for sharing! 

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