New Things Are Coming!

Monday, November 12, 2018

Hey everyone! I know it's been a while since you've heard from me but I wanted to share some updates with you.  I've honestly been so busy just living life and working a full time job. I questioned if I really even wanted to keep blogging since I never seem to have time for it. As soon as that thought came into my head it went right back out. Truth is, I love blogging. I enjoy having a place to vent, share amazing recipes and just talk about life. 

I decided that I needed to sit down and really think about the direction I wanted this platform to go. My ultimate dream was to become a successful blogger. Instead of throwing my dream away I decided to really fight for what I wanted to achieve. So over the next several weeks I am going to be working with someone to give my blog, and one day brand, a face lift! You can expect to see a completely new blog by January 2019. With that being said I wanted to let you guys know that all of my current posts will be wiped. With the brand new look will come brand new content. This is the part that I am MOST excited about. 

I feel like I've always tried to stay pretty true to myself when sharing blogs or coming up with new content. However, being very open with my life scared me more than you would imagine. I still don't enjoy sharing my face or voice on Snapchat or Instagram Stories. I want to be more open and raw with you guys. I want to be more honest with my beliefs and how I feel about certain things. I plan to start the new blog off with a REAL introduction to Chelsea Alyson. I hope that everyone decided to follow along and keep up with my crazy life. I will be sharing way more content in 2019 than I ever have. I love you guys and your constant support through MANY blog changes. You can keep up with my process over on Instagram! 

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