Mother Of Pugs

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Dog mom. I never pictured myself owning a dog or even really liking a dog. When Nick brought the topic up it was very random and all of a sudden. He mentioned the idea to me and then 3 days later we were dog owners. Franklin was our first baby that came home with us. Even though we didn't get the puppy stage with him I am so thankful he came home to be ours. 

It didn't take long for me to fall in love with Frank. It took 2 weeks exactly because that's when he stopped messing up in the house. LOL. Seriously. He was "potty trained" when we got him but he definitely didn't act like it. We had a few years alone with Frank before we finally decided to look for another one. This time was different because we was on the hunt for a baby. 

I looked for what felt like months until one day I happened to run across sweet little Morty's face. I, deep down, really wanted a black pug so I messaged Nick right away to see what he was thinking. I sent a message about 10 mins later. I still remember the first time we went to meet him. I instantly fell in love and couldn't stop smiling. He was the run of the litter so he was so much smaller than his brothers. 

2 dogs is a challenge. I don't think that I was truly prepared for how much work it was going to be. I've never in my life had a little puppy to look after and Morty was giving me a run for my money. He's exactly 8 months old today! He has improved over the months with pottying inside but under our bed is a sore spot. I can't tell you how many times Nick has deep cleaned our carpets. No matter what though.. I love my little baby bat, lil vampire, little black bean. He has everyone in this house wrapped around his little paws. 

I've ordered some cool pet finds from Amazon recently and can't wait to review them and share. If you have favorite pet items please share! I'd love to have new recommendations.

These are more recent snaps but I might do a throwback post and share a LOT of good memories. 

A Decade Ago...

Friday, January 25, 2019

A decade ago... a curly headed, blonde eyed cutie was asking me out in a movie theater after we just watched Hotel For Dogs. I was so nervous but knew the obvious answer was YES. As we were leaving we ran right into my parents and younger sister. I was already embarrassed but not nearly as embarrassed when I saw my blue glitter chapstick all over Nick's lips. I could have died right there.  

Fast forward a few months and he's hanging out at my house almost every night and eventually staying over on the weekends. A lot of people didn't agree with how fast things moved with us.  I remember telling friends & even my Mother that he would be the boy I marry. I was 15 ya'll. 

I'm not sure where 10 years has gone but I do know that we are two totally different people than we were so many years ago. We've truly changed and shaped into people that I never pictured. Nick and I basically flipped - flopped when it came to social events. I am 10000% an Introvert. Him on the other hand.. he's a social frickin butterfly. I can only people for so long.. sorry ya'll. 

I will say though.. after many years of trying to make it "perfect". I think this year will finally be that year we just continue to grow and become strong in our marriage. Can we say.. #powercouple?? We have grown up, made mistakes & said sorry many times. Life definitely isn't always perfect. I really focused on myself and making myself come to terms with my faults. I am actively working on becoming a better wife. Nick has also made some changes that are really showing. It's nice to be able to come together and have a logical conversation without blowing it up or worse.. hurting someone's feelings. 

We are trying. Plain and simple. Why you may ask? I love that man. With everything inside of me. No matter what has happened he's always been my number one. He's always the one I want to run to. (Even when he doesn't want to hear it.. lol) He's just always been there. I'm a very interesting person, as you'll come to find out, and he handles all of my episodes pretty well. I can't imagine living in a life where Nick isn't my soulmate. 

Enjoy a throwback down memory lane.. I had to break out a flash drive for some of these pictures. You can definitely tell how long we've been together just by looking at the picture quality! 

Our first official photo together. 

My 16th Birthday that we spent at Myrtle Beach, SC. 

Graduation. May 2011. 

The best day of my life. I knew it all along. 

Very forced picture that Nick and I took on our Honeymoon in Gatlinburg.

Our first time ice skating together. This was from the beginning of last year. 

This was probably one of my most favorite trips. I would definitely say top 5. I plan to actually do a travel post about New Orleans. The history and culture there was so amazing. I can't wait to go back and explore even more. 

This is a hard one..

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

I've sat down several times to write a blog post and share my life with you guys. Every single time I would try to write the words.. I would go blank. I don't want to bore ya'll that much so I will skip right to it.. 

I've tried to "brand" myself and my blog for several years now. I remember the day I told Nick that I wanted to try blogging. I read several different styles of blogging so at first I tried to pick apart some of my favorite bloggers and do what they did. So I started becoming really active on social media. I bought way too many clothes & spent way too much money. I made my poor husband take TONS (he would agree) of photos. The end result always made me pretty happy. Occasionally I would throw in some marriage tips, recipes I've tried & other stuff. 

See, the vision I truly had for my brand was just everyday, normal life stuff. I guess my vision got clouded so much because I seen how successful other bloggers became and I was envious. I wanted the "lavish" lifestyle that they were always living. I wanted to engage with my followers and do giveaways and basically anything that every blogger ever has done. I truly become so distant from myself. To be honest, I never made a PENNY from blogging. But, that is because I strayed away from myself and got way too lost. 

I've gone back & read some of my past posts and laughed. It's so funny to read something I wrote and feel as though a stranger wrote it. As I said earlier, I never made a penny from blogging. Not remaining true to myself really hurt my potential for ever growing my blog. 

If you've followed me for a little while then you're probably used to most of my posts looking the same. I won't be deleting past posts because it's a great reflection of the person society tries to shape you to be. Instead, I will be turning this blog into the blog it should have been from the beginning. 

Also, please don't get me wrong if you're a blogger that blogs about beauty, fashion and makeup. I will CONTINUE to share things like that also. I'm a very unique person.. just like you.. and I enjoy a multitude of things. Get ready to see a lot more real, raw life moments. All I want is a place where people feel comfortable talking about real life stuff. Society shapes women to be silent & unheard. I would like to help change that by opening up my heart & mind (oohh that's scary) to all of you! 

So today is a stepping stone in the right direction. I wanted to share a little sneak peek into my life lately and then I'll call it a wrap. I'll be sharing an "informational" post regarding the frequency of my blogging, etc. I truly can't wait to see where this takes me. 


We went on a cruise for our 7 year wedding anniversary. That cruise was such a soul saver. I needed a getaway and definitely needed that alone time with my sweet Husband. Nick and I really got to spend time together and I wish we could relive that exact week. 

I decided to change my hair by getting bangs and a trim. It was a nightmare and awful mistake. I really didn't realize the length of my hair until I cut some of it off. I really wish my brain wasn't constantly tricking me into thinking I need to change my hair. Ugh. Lesson learned. 

I caught the boys being extra sweet one day. The night before I also caught them holding hands in front of the heater. I love these babies. Get ready to see a LOT of sweet pug faces around here ;)

Now.. I am letting these bangs grow out. I am 1000000% going to look like a middle schooler while they do their thing. I will most certainly be wearing some headbands soon. 

Nick and I prematurely celebrated our TEN YEAR dating anniversary. I have an entire post dedicated to this day.. which is TOMORROW! I could literally write a book over this boy but I will try to keep it limited. Side note** Nick skinned his nose on a shelf at work.. poor thing. 

That's just a short glimpse of life lately. If you've been a constant follower then please drop a comment and tell me something you've liked about my blogs.
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