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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

I've sat down several times to write a blog post and share my life with you guys. Every single time I would try to write the words.. I would go blank. I don't want to bore ya'll that much so I will skip right to it.. 

I've tried to "brand" myself and my blog for several years now. I remember the day I told Nick that I wanted to try blogging. I read several different styles of blogging so at first I tried to pick apart some of my favorite bloggers and do what they did. So I started becoming really active on social media. I bought way too many clothes & spent way too much money. I made my poor husband take TONS (he would agree) of photos. The end result always made me pretty happy. Occasionally I would throw in some marriage tips, recipes I've tried & other stuff. 

See, the vision I truly had for my brand was just everyday, normal life stuff. I guess my vision got clouded so much because I seen how successful other bloggers became and I was envious. I wanted the "lavish" lifestyle that they were always living. I wanted to engage with my followers and do giveaways and basically anything that every blogger ever has done. I truly become so distant from myself. To be honest, I never made a PENNY from blogging. But, that is because I strayed away from myself and got way too lost. 

I've gone back & read some of my past posts and laughed. It's so funny to read something I wrote and feel as though a stranger wrote it. As I said earlier, I never made a penny from blogging. Not remaining true to myself really hurt my potential for ever growing my blog. 

If you've followed me for a little while then you're probably used to most of my posts looking the same. I won't be deleting past posts because it's a great reflection of the person society tries to shape you to be. Instead, I will be turning this blog into the blog it should have been from the beginning. 

Also, please don't get me wrong if you're a blogger that blogs about beauty, fashion and makeup. I will CONTINUE to share things like that also. I'm a very unique person.. just like you.. and I enjoy a multitude of things. Get ready to see a lot more real, raw life moments. All I want is a place where people feel comfortable talking about real life stuff. Society shapes women to be silent & unheard. I would like to help change that by opening up my heart & mind (oohh that's scary) to all of you! 

So today is a stepping stone in the right direction. I wanted to share a little sneak peek into my life lately and then I'll call it a wrap. I'll be sharing an "informational" post regarding the frequency of my blogging, etc. I truly can't wait to see where this takes me. 


We went on a cruise for our 7 year wedding anniversary. That cruise was such a soul saver. I needed a getaway and definitely needed that alone time with my sweet Husband. Nick and I really got to spend time together and I wish we could relive that exact week. 

I decided to change my hair by getting bangs and a trim. It was a nightmare and awful mistake. I really didn't realize the length of my hair until I cut some of it off. I really wish my brain wasn't constantly tricking me into thinking I need to change my hair. Ugh. Lesson learned. 

I caught the boys being extra sweet one day. The night before I also caught them holding hands in front of the heater. I love these babies. Get ready to see a LOT of sweet pug faces around here ;)

Now.. I am letting these bangs grow out. I am 1000000% going to look like a middle schooler while they do their thing. I will most certainly be wearing some headbands soon. 

Nick and I prematurely celebrated our TEN YEAR dating anniversary. I have an entire post dedicated to this day.. which is TOMORROW! I could literally write a book over this boy but I will try to keep it limited. Side note** Nick skinned his nose on a shelf at work.. poor thing. 

That's just a short glimpse of life lately. If you've been a constant follower then please drop a comment and tell me something you've liked about my blogs.

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