Journey To Happiness...

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Happiness is a funny destination. What components make up the path to happiness? I feel like this is a common question most of us have asked ourselves at some point. I spent a lot of years trying to figure out what path I was supposed to take. I made some mistakes and was set back a few times. However, in the end I've grown into a much stronger woman than I ever used to be. I discover new things about myself all the time. I'm extremely thankful for being able to finally shed some light on the real me. 

Along this journey to happiness I've uncovered new things about myself.. grown closer to my husband & really opened my heart to my own desires. Taking ownership of my own life has never been my strong suit. For someone who always liked to follow the crowd, speaking up and revealing the true intentions of my heart was extremely difficult. 

Let's not forget the anxiety & depression. Making big decisions are usually a huge ordeal for me. Recently, I sat down and talked to Nick about leaving my job at the bank & pursing a slightly different job. There were a bunch of benefits to the new job but some downfalls. I would be giving up my set schedule in an office setting for more retail like hours. I felt speechless about the entire situation. I cried a LOT over this decision but in the end... I chose to leave. I spent a little over 2 years learning something completely new and gaining so much knowledge. I will definitely always be thankful for the opportunity that the job gave me but I am so happy to be on to new adventures. 

I know that leaving that job was a great choice for myself. My mental health has been suffering for a little while and being there was only making it worse. It was very liberating to drive away for the last time. 

My advice to anyone that has anxiety / depression when it comes to making huge decisions... take it 1 hour at a time. Sit down and write your pros/cons. I talked about both jobs out loud to a family member and that helped me verbally analyze both jobs. In the end, I had to have a good cry with my husband before I felt 100% comfortable with my decision. I was so worried about what everyone would say or think about me leaving that I had worked myself into a full blown panic attack. Sitting down with Nick and really laying out my feelings helped me tremendously. 

I encourage everyone to take a look at your life and really consider if you're happy or not. If you're not 100% happy then change that! I'm making every effort to achieve my happiness. It doesn't matter if you're making BIG moves or small moves.. you're still taking control of your life. You matter. Your happiness is the only thing that matters. Take control and don't look back. 

Here's to a great week everyone! I have some fun things planned to share later this week. 

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