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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Knowledge is power. I believe that sharing your successes can help others around you reach their goals as well. While finding the best picture editing app may not be considered a "success" to some, I was more than excited when I found a few apps that really work for me.

Constantly feeling the need to create.. I started searching for the best apps that would allow me to be creative while I'm on the go. There's truly nothing I love more than being able to share amazing content the moment it happens! 

I examined all of the apps I use to create and decided to share some of my favorite ones with ya'll. If you use any of these apps then I would LOVE to hear some feedback from you. Tell me things you liked and didn't like. Also, if anyone has some awesome apps to share please do. 

Lightroom CC is pretty much my new best friend. Before I discovered presets and how the heck they work I relied on other apps to help with the editing process while I was on the go. I'll be honest, Lightroom scared me when I first looked at it. I don't LOVE the interface of this app but it really is the easiest thing to use for sharp, clear images. Another app I rely on is Snapseed. Snapseed is such an easy app to navigate & is perfect for small editing touches. Hype Type is a great app if you enjoy adding music or text to your videos. You can also add music and text to pictures as well. The only complaint I have is that some songs will not let me use them when they're downloaded on my phone. Maybe someone who uses the app can share some insights on that. 

These are honestly just the standard apps that most of us use each day. I find myself using Facebook and Snapchat less and less but I do still have them. If you really want to keep up with me on a social platform then I would say Instagram will be your best option. 

Hello 2019! I absolutely LOVE the WalMart grocery pickup option. I am constantly busy because I work an 8-5 job on top of chasing 2 crazy pugs and trying to maintain a normal life outside of work. This option really allows me to plan ahead and helps me stay consistent with cooking during the week. I find myself adding things to my cart on the app all the time. 

The Calm app is such a life saver if you have anxiety and/or depression. There are multiple options to chose from just depending on what you're looking to achieve. A few of my favorite options are: Reduce Anxiety, Build Self Esteem, Learn to Meditate (currently my fav) & the list goes on. I highly recommend this app to anyone needing help realigning your goals. 

To wrap it up, what kind of iPhone user would I be if I didn't take advantage of the pre-installed apps. I used to hate listening to talk radio or even listening to audio books. As I've gotten older I realize that you can learn a LOT from listening to "talk radio". I don't have a lot of free time to listen to Podcasts but when I do I wanted to share a few of my favorite ones.... 

- My Favorite Murder (STAY SEXY, DON'T GET MURDERED)
- Resting Witch Face
- The Last Podcast On The Left

I will say that these particular podcasts do not censor their language so definitely don't listen around smaller kids. However, I love murder/mystery and My Favorite Murder is such a fun podcasts to listen to. 

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